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About Us

Hi, welcome! NoodleDoo is a one woman band, ran by me, Naomi. I cut, sew, package and post all items ordered through this website. I started NoodleDoo when i was pregnant with my first child in 2017 as a side hustle for maternity leave. Falling pregnant again the following year gave me the push to really go ahead with this business as I wanted to stay at home with my two young children who are 18 months apart, rather than being out working. 

We all know what happened in March 2020, but besides that, I was able to quit my employed job and go ahead as full time self employed creating luxury children's clothing whilst staying at home with my children. My husband being on furlough allowed me to focus more on the business and without that support from him I would not be where I am today. 

My aim is to provide you with sustainable clothing that is made to last. This means the quality of fabric is always top end, often with using exclusive prints meaning you won't find them anywhere else. NoodleDoo is also cut for cloth, having used cloth nappies on both my children, I ensure that all sizes up to 2-3 will accommodate a fluffy bum!

The future for my brand is continue providing quality clothing for your children, but also to expand in a way that means I can help another parent work from home by employing them to work for me via sewing or cutting items. A studio would be nice too (a corner of our dining room just isn't cutting it!)...